Following your pre-op and post-op diet guidelines are essential to your weight loss success. ReLaunch™ was designed to help you get the nutrition you need to kick start your weight loss and keep you on the right track.

Here is a summary of your diet plan:

Pre Op Diet - Starts 14 Days Before Surgery
1200 calories, with 60-80 grams of protein every day to lose 5% of your starting weight.
To shrink your liver to ensure a safe operation.
Surgery can be cancelled if your liver is too large to do surgery safely.

This diet consists of high protein shakes/smoothies or incorporating ReLaunch™ Meal Replacement into a variety of recipes. You can have meal replacement drinks / shakes for any meal or snack when you are hungry. Once per day you are allowed to have an actual meal within the guidelines provided. For more information, see Pre-op Guidelines.

Post-Op Stage 1 - Day 1-21 After Surgery
for Sleeve Gastrectomy/Gastric Bypass
Full Liquids

You will need to start this diet the day you come home from the hospital. Following a full liquid diet and incorporating ReLaunch™ Protein for the first 3 weeks after surgery will give your body time to heal. This diet will also help you begin to understand how much food you can eat before you feel too full. This is a time of learning new behaviors and developing new lifestyle habits. 1-2 oz. of fluid should be sipped every 10-15 minutes while awake. Try to consume (sip) at least 4 oz. of liquids every hour. All liquids must be very thin. It must be able to flow through a strainer easily. For more information, see Post-op Guidelines Phase 1.

Post-Op Diet Stage 2 – Day 22-42 After Surgery
Diet for Sleeve Gastrectomy/Gastric Bypass
Soft Solid Foods (3-4 oz per meal)

Start this diet at post-op Day 22 and continue for 3 weeks by incorporating ReLaunch™ Protein and/or ReLaunch™ Meal Replacement. This is still time learning about your new body. Let your pouch be your guide on portion sizes. Stop eating before you feel full. Remember overeating can lead to nausea, vomiting, and stretching out your stomach. For more info, see Post-op Guidelines Phase 2.

Maintenance Diet - Day 43 and on
Diet for Post-Weight Loss Surgery Patients or Anyone Looking to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Continuing to get the protein your body needs is essential to maintaining your weight loss for life. Exercising, rationing your food, eating healthy, and continuing to get the protein your body needs are major factors that will allow you to reach your ideal weight and maintain it. For more info, see Maintenance Guidelines.

Our website is designed to give you access to detailed instructions that, if followed, will help you reach your weight loss goals and discover a new you. It is important that these diet guidelines are strictly followed before and after your surgery.