Maintenance Guidelines

Keep the Weight Off Long Term

There are many steps you can take to maintain your weight loss for life. One of them is continuing to get the protein your body needs and keeping your calories under control. Research has shown that the consistent use of at least one low calorie meal replacement daily is the number one predictor of weight maintenance. Use ReLaunchTM protein or meal replacement anytime you need a healthy meal or snack.

Here’s some other recommendations to keep you on track:

  1. Practice Self-Monitoring. Self-monitoring is simply monitoring and recording what you put in your mouth, and how much, as well has how often and how long you exercise. This can be done on pen and paper, or you can utilize any technology based tracking programs such as My Fitness Pal and Fit Bit devices. Keeping food and exercise logs is still vital to your long-term success.
  2. Exercise for at least 250 minutes per week at a moderate intensity level, or 150-200 minutes per week at an all-out high intensity level. Yes, we understand that finding the time to exercise close to 4 hours/week can be a challenge, but following this guideline is what it will take to ensure long-term weight loss.
  3. Limit TV (or other types of leisurely screen time) to more than an average of 30 minutes per day. Research has shown that those who maintain weight loss over the long-term keep the screen time to a minimum as excessive time in front of the TV, etc.… can lead to lack of mindful eating and the excessive intake of high fat, high carbohydrate and high calorie dense foods.
  4. Eat Breakfast Daily. People that tend to start their day off with a healthy breakfast tend to eat less and make healthier choices the rest of the day. So, start your day off with a healthy lean protein such as eggs, or Greek Yogurt, as this will set you up for success.
  5. Discuss life cycle and medication changes with your doctor. Life cycle changes such as pregnancy, menopause and manopause (also known as andropause in men) can impact your metabolism and potentially lead to weigh gain, as can certain medications. Therefore, it’s important to discuss any physical changes and identify potential problem medications, so your doctor can make suggestions for substitutions if medically appropriate.
  6. Use portion controlled foods such as ReLaunchTM protein or meal replacement to keep your calories under control and ensure adequate protein needs. ReLaunchTM unflavored protein supplements allow you to easily change up the flavor profile or so you don’t get bored with the same routine.