How To Use

How to Use ReLaunch™ Unflavored Premium Whey Protein

These examples come from the DocHale info -- might need to verify suggested usages are within guidelines NC gives patients.

Suggested Use for Liquids: Mix one scoop of protein in 6-12 ounces of liquid until dissolved. You can mix this protein in your favorite beverages such as Crystal Light, low calorie sports drinks, reduced calorie juices and even iced coffee without alternating the original flavor.

Suggested Use for Semi-Solid Foods: Mix one scoop of protein to ½ to 1 cup of semi-solid foods, such as cottage cheese, smoothies, soups, broths, puddings, oatmeal, yogurt, sugar free jell-o and so much more.

Suggested Use for Cooking: Mix one scoop of protein into your favorite recipes, such as breads, pies, spaghetti sauce, pancake mix and many others. This is a way to increase your dietary protein while enjoying a variety of your favorite foods.

Mixing ReLaunch™ protein in water alone will produce a dairy drink similar to a diluted skim milk. This product is designed to be easily incorporated into your favorite foods and beverages. Feel free to experiment with the unflavored protein — the possibilities are endless!

Protein Supplement:
1 scoop = 20 grams of protein

Meal Replacement:
1 scoop = 28 grams of protein